Buffalo drinking game

Buffalo is a drinking game where participants must chug their drink if they drink with the wrong hand. Buffalo is unusual in that the game does not end; it continues for the players' entire lives.


  1. Between midnight and noon a player may not drink with their left hand.
  2. Between noon and midnight a player may not drink with their right hand.
  3. If someone spots a player drinking with the wrong hand, they call Buffalo on the player and that player must finish their drink as quickly as possible.
  4. Buffalo may be called on a player from when they drink with their wrong hand until they drink without their wrong hand or the drink runs out.
  5. Buffalo is played for life, and the rules are valid anywhere, anytime, and with any alcoholic beverage.
  6. The mere act of alcohol touching lips is enough to be considered drinking.
  7. If a player calls buffalo on a player who did not drink with the wrong hand, the one calling buffalo has to finish half of their own drink. This is called "false buffalo".


What if I use a straw?

A straw is an extension of the container. If you hold the straw with the wrong hand, you hold the drink with the wrong hand.

What if I use both hands?

By using both hands you¿re guaranteed to violate the rules since one of them has to be the wrong one.

My friend lied about what time it was, do I have to drink?

Yes. It doesn't matter why the rules are violated.

My friend called buffalo on me but felt bad and took it back, do I still have to drink?

Yes. Your friend might not judge you for not drinking but you still violated the rules and got caught.

Which time zone determines if it's before or after midnight/noon?

The local time zone for the drinking player, not the one calling buffalo.